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Specialty | Metal recovery and recycling


A successful story

The beginnings

Bourque Métal was founded in Sherbrooke by Mr. Alcide Bourque in 1966. In the beginning, the company processed between 20 and 300 tons of metal per year.

A second factory

Mr. Bourque’s constant desire to meet the needs of his customers and suppliers necessitated the expansion of Bourque Metal’s territory after a few years of operation. This is why he proceeded to build a second factory in 1989, this time in the Bromont area. His youngest son, Ghislain, who was then in his twenties, was responsible for the management of this site.

A new generation

For the past few years, Mr. Alcide Bourque has been delegating certain major functions to the future successors of his family business. Thus, the supervision of the Sherbrooke factory was offered to his eldest son Alain, while Ghislain continued to grow the Brigham site.

A blessing in disguise

In July 1998, following a major fire, the Sherbrooke branch had to move to the municipality of Saint-Élie-d’Orford. This devastating incident had a positive effect on the company, which took advantage of the opportunity to move to new premises in order to respond more adequately to customer requests and to better manage the various operations. At the same time, the exterior yard was redesigned to facilitate certain maneuvers. Thus, the overall modifications made to the industry’s reconstruction allowed for more efficient work. These changes have become, at the same time, very advantageous for the customers.

A company that has become a leader

By constantly updating its equipment and work methods, Bourque Métal has become, over the years, a guarantee of expertise and renowned quality. The company has succeeded in building a high-grade reputation, in large part through to the dedication of its teams to its customers and to meeting established deadlines. This is why Bourque Métal does everything in its power to ensure that its customers and business partners have a very profitable experience.

A new president

Over time, most of the operations have moved to the head office in Brigham. Since 2016, Ghislain Bourque has served as the company’s president. As for the future of Bourque Metal, the 3rd generation of the family plans to take over.


Bourque Métal’s daily objective is to satisfy its partners. The company aspires to be the leader of the metal recycling industry in its region by recovering industrial and commercial waste, thus allowing the transformation and reintroduction of the resource into the market, in the form of raw material.

Bourque Metal


Because it is important for everyone’s future to think globally about the health of our planet, Bourque Métal is concerned about the impact of its choices on the environment. The company invests in high-tech equipment, thus increasing the efficiency of its operations while reducing noise emissions and fuel consumption. In addition to allowing the reintroduction of raw materials into the market through its metal recycling plants, Bourque Métal is on the lookout for environmental trends in its field of expertise.

The company is aware of the evolution of environmental conditions. This is why it is a fundamental duty for Bourque Métal to work in harmony with the environment and not against it.

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