Covid-19 | Brigham ONLY

We have made the decision to extend the closing of our site to individual reception for the Brigham site ONLY. Business reception is available by APPOINTMENT for Brigham. Container service will also remain available. The SHERBROOKE site remains OPEN at all times for all services (individuals, businesses and containers).

Thank you for your understanding!

Specialty | Metal recovery and recycling


La technologie au service de l'humain

Technology at people’s service

At Bourque Métal, we are always on the lookout for new technologies to be competitive on the market. We do everything possible to offer our customers enlightened advice and the best return on their metal sales. Recently, we have acquired a wide range of specialized equipment in order to meet the growing demand of our customers.



  • More than 850 roll-off containers
  • A fleet of trucks 
  • Trailers 
  • 3 hydraulic shovels equipped with a shear
  • 3 hydraulic shovels equipped with a magnet
  • 2 hydraulic shovels equipped with a grapple
  • 1 hydraulic shovel equipped with a grapple and a magnet
  • 1 stationary press
  • 2 high performance analyzers for non-ferrous metals
  • 1 radiation detector at the entrance of our scale
  • 1 rail terminal for exporting and importing material
  • Scales
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